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iPad Pro 9.7in review

iPad Pro 9.7in review: Apple’s slick, superfast tablet could be another nail in the coffin of laptop culture… although its UK price hike is off-putting

The iPad Pro 9.7in, Apple’s stunning and superfast mid-size tablet, proves that while laptops might be the best tool for working on the go, they’re no longer essential… although the device’s newly increased UK prices are off-putting. In our 9.7-inch iPad Pro review, updated after nine months of regular use, we evaluate the iPad Pro 9.7’s design, build quality and new features, put the device through rigorous speed benchmarks and battery tests, and rate the 9.7in iPad Pro’s value for money.




  • RRP: £499 (32GB, Wi-Fi), £619 (128GB, Wi-Fi), £739 (256GB, Wi-Fi), £599 (32GB, cellular), £719 (128GB, cellular), £839 (256GB, cellular)
  • Best Price: £526 – £499,549 from 16 retailers


  • Rear flash and much improved cameras
  • Super-fast processor
  • Option to use Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard
  • Thin and beautiful
  • Pink colour option

The Best Time to Buy a Laptop

Nothing causes buyer’s remorse quite like seeing the laptop you bought last month for $1,000 go on sale for $750. It’s equally unpleasant to buy a pricey new Dell XPS 13 in August and then watch as Dell unveils a much faster and more technically advanced model in September. The price on most laptops drops eventually, and newer models are always coming around the corner. So when is the best time to buy a laptop? The answer depends a great deal on your circumstances.

Do You Need It Now?

The best time to buy a new laptop is when you really need one. If your current notebook is broken, you need stronger performance for work or play, or this is a child’s first computer, there’s no good reason to delay your purchase. However, if you have a competent but aging laptop that you plan to replace in the near future, you might save money or benefit from newer technology if you wait strategically.


Apple refreshes its laptops around once per year, though the company doesn’t always release all the new models at once or follow a consistent schedule. Apple last refreshed its 12-inch MacBook in May 2016 and released a new MacBook Pro 13-inch, a MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar and a MacBook Pro 15-inch (also with Touch Bar) in November 2016. The MacBook Air 13-inch hasn’t been refreshed at all since March 2015, but the company appears to be phasing out the Air line and we don’t expect a new model.

The new MacBook Pros probably won’t see a refresh until at least fall 2017 and the MacBook 12-inch isn’t likely to be updated until at least spring 2017. Apple laptops rarely go on large sales so the price is unlikely to drop anytime soon.

Bottom Line: Buy now.

PC Laptops Sale and Refresh Schedule

The major PC manufacturers release new laptops at three times of year: back-to-school season (June to August), holiday season (September to December) and spring (February to April). New models usually ship at the beginning or middle of these windows. However, the best deals tend to appear in July/August and November/December, which are the heart of the school and holiday shopping seasons.

“There is a best time to buy notebooks, and it is exactly when you think it is, between the last week in July and the first three weeks in August, when the back-to-school merchandising frenzy is in full force,” said Analyst Stephen Baker, who studies laptop pricing and sales for the NPD Group, a market intelligence firm. He noted that this time frame applies to both Macs and PCs.

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Not surprisingly, we’ve found that prices can be just as low if not lower at the end of the year, when consumers are busy buying gifts for family members or for themselves.

For example, the 12-inch Apple MacBook (Core m5, 256GB SSD) started at $1,299 on Amazon in March 2016 but sank to $1,149 in August, before shooting back up to around $1,250, until November, when it went back down to $1,149 for a short time and then up again to $1,199.

Apple MacBook 12-inch Price History

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the product you want will be any cheaper in August or December than it was in April. You may find a newer model at the same price, though.

Dell didn’t offer significant discounts on the XPS 13, our favorite laptop overall, for either season. The best deal we’ve ever seen on this sleek ultraportable was the Microsoft Store’s “Pie Day” sale on March 14 (a time period not known for deals), when the store dropped the price of a leading configuration from $999 to $685.

However, during the fall 2016 buying season, Dell refreshed the XPS 13 with a new Intel 7th Generation Core Series CPU, a larger battery and a Killer Wi-Fi card, which together offer better performance, two hours longer battery life and stronger connectivity. The new models carry  the exact same prices as their predecessors, while the earlier models left the market entirely.

Bottom Line: You’ll find more deals in the July/August and November/December time frames and will see new model releases in early spring, midsummer and fall.

Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU Refreshes Lead the Industry

Though PC vendors tend to release new products at three times of year, they usually don’t refresh each model more than once a year. Business notebooks in particular can stay on the market unchanged for as long as 18 months. Most updates are timed to coincide closely with Intel’s CPU release schedule, as manufacturers want all their laptops to carry the latest generation of processor nearly as soon as it’s available.

Intel started shipping its 7th Generation “Kaby Lake” series of processors in September 2016, and most consumer laptops were refreshed during the fall. The chipmaker won’t launch the business and quad-core versions of its new CPUs until 2017 so new Lenovo ThinkPads, Dell Latitudes and HP EliteBooks won’t start rolling out until spring 2017.  Intel’s next major architecture update, codenamed “Cannonlake,” will  not launch until at least the second half of 2017.

In the world of gaming laptops, graphics chip updates are even more important than CPU refreshes. In August 2016, Nvidia released its new “Pascal” GPUs, which carry model numbers beginning with 10 (ex: GTX 1060, GTX 1070). Gaming laptop vendors such as Alienware, Asus and MSI immediately began refreshes of all of their models to incorporate Pascal, which offers significantly faster performance and VR-readiness than the previous generation of Nvidia 900 series (GTX 960, 970 and 980) chips.

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The evolutionary improvements in performance and battery life between two generations of Intel processor — 6th Gen to 7th Gen, for example — may not be worth waiting for on their own.  However, the manufacturers often use the CPU or GPU  refresh as an excuse to make a laptop lighter or add new features like a higher-res screen, a faster SSD or new ports.

shutterstock 183590216

Many times, a chip refresh also leads to the release of completely new products, such as the super-slim Asus ZenBook 3, which launched with Kaby Lake. Other times, it leads to major design changes to existing models as we saw on the Pascal update to the Alienware 13.

Bottom Line: Don’t delay your purchase to wait for your favorite PC

Older Models Don’t Often Get Cheaper

You would expect to see great prices on the old models after a refresh, but more often than not, the original manufacturer discontinues these versions without offering a discount. You can always find a third-party retailer selling last year’s model, but it might actually cost more than the current unit does.

For example, a configuration of the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro gaming laptop came out in October 2014 with a price of $2,300, but by August 2015 it was down to $1,899. After newer versions with faster CPUs had replaced it, the old model jumped up as high as $3,319 and then settled at around $2,649, while the new model costs just $2,199.

msi over time v2

There are a few noteworthy exceptions, which usually occur when the vendor keeps producing the old model at a lower price. For example, Microsoft cut the Surface Pro 3‘s price by $100 after releasing the slightly better Surface Pro 4.

How to Know if You’re Getting a Good Deal

Whenever you find a laptop sale — in December, August or April — it can be hard to tell whether you’re actually getting a great price or just a slight discount off the MSRP, unless you know what the product normally sells for. There are a couple of ways to tell:

  • Use a price-history tool: A couple of sites track price changes over time so you can see if today’s price is really the lowest it has ever been at one particular retailer. Camelcamelcamel.com (and its Chrome extension) will show a price-history graph for most products on Amazon, while the Hover Hound Chrome extension does the same for Newegg.However, we haven’t found a service that tracks the price history from other key services, such as Dell.com, Lenovo.com or Microsoft Store, all of which offer great prices. We’re also yet to find a tracker that shows the price of the same product across multiple retailers. So Amazon.com’s lowest price ever may still be higher than someone else’s.
  • Visit deal aggregators: Deal news sites keep an eye on pricing and call attention to the best deals in their posts. We maintain an up-to-date list of deals at Laptopmag.com, and you can also check out sites such as techbargains.com and bensbargains.net.

To Wait or Not to Wait?

If you’re getting a Mac, don’t expect any major changes or discounts for a while. If you’re purchasing a mainstream consumer Windows laptop, you should see some great discounts during the holiday shopping season and, if you buy one with Intel’s 7th Generation Core series CPU, it probably won’t be replaced until next fall at the earliest.

Gamers will get plenty of pop from new laptops with Nvidia Pascal chips, but will see some additional performance when Intel’s quad-core Kaby Lake CPUs  hit in spring 2017. However, the pace of innovation with gaming laptops is so quick that, whenever you buy one, your laptop is likely to be out-of-date within six months.

Finally, if you want a business laptop right now, you have to decide whether having the best price or the best performance is most important to you. You can find really great sales on current Lenovo ThinkPads and Dell Latitudes during the holiday season. However, we expect new models to start rolling out in spring when the enterprise-friendly versions of Intel Kaby Lake CPUs become available. For most users, the current generation of business laptops will be more than adequate for years to come.

Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless Reader

Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless Reader Now £22.75


Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless reader delivers an unparalleled mobile experience. Because it’s not just about being connected, it’s about having unlimited access to your favourite videos, music, photos and files from your Flash drive and other storage devices — anywhere you go. Store and share more — wirelessly and easily via Wi-Fi — and stream content (for example, three different movies) to three devices at once.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless
Unlimited Access

MobileLite Wireless works as a portable card reader to give you unlimited access to all of your data, anywhere you are. Use it with your USB Flash drive or SD storage devices to access your videos, music, photos, documents and more.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless
Back-up Battery

Use MobileLite Wireless to charge your phone or other device. Stay productive and keep the power flowing without having to plug into a wall outlet.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless
Portable Card Reader

MobileLite Wireless also works as a standard card reader, making it easy to save large files, all of the photos from your vacation and more.

  • Stay connected to the Internet while sharing files and photos with friends
  • Copy and transfer files between USB Flash drives and SD cards or copy files locally to your mobile device
  • Use the MobileLite Wireless app to share photos, files, and movies with up to 3 users simultaneously
  • Stay socially connected, even from remote locations. Upload vacation photos from your SD card
  • Free up space by downloading photos from your phone’s camera roll to a USB or SD card

Buy Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless Reader Now £22.75

2014 great tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch, 16GB (Wi-Fi)


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch, 16GB (Wi-Fi)

Now £151.95 Only, buy it at hereimages


  • Comes with 16GB Micro SD card
  • Easy to hold and use with one hand
  • An exceptional reading and entertainment experience
  • Enhanced smart usability

Technical Details

Brand Samsung
Item Weight 313 g
Product Dimensions 0.7 x 12.4 x 21 cm
Batteries: 1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required. (included)
Item model number SM-T3100ZWABTU
Series Galaxy TAB 3 8.0 SM-T3100 WI-FI 16GB
Color White
Screen Size 8 inches
Processor Brand Samsung Exynos
Processor Speed 1.5 GHz
Processor Count 2
RAM Size 1536 MB
Computer Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive Size 16 GB
Graphics Card Description Integrated
Wireless Type 802.11A, 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n
Operating System Android Jelly bean 4.1
Average Battery Life (in hours) 6 hours
Lithium Battery Energy Content 16.5 watt_hours
Lithium Battery Packaging batteries_contained_in_equipment

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch Tablet

Engage and entertain the whole family with the Galaxy Tab 3 tablet from Samsung. This thin, lightweight Android tablet features an 8-inch touch display along with the same familiar interface as other Samsung Galaxy devices, making it easy to use. Use it to quickly browse the web, watch movies, read e-books or download apps from Google Play.

Clear, vivid display
Clear, Vivid Display for Movies, Games and More

The Galaxy Tab 3 features an 8-inch display with a 1,280 x 800 resolution, as well as a 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos processor–making it well suited for downloading and watching the latest movies and TV shows, reading digital books, playing games and more.

The 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3 offers the same features, settings, and user interface as other Samsung Galaxy smartphones and mobile devices for a familiar and intuitive experience. Music, videos, apps, contacts, and other content stays in sync wirelessly and automatically on your tablet and your Samsung phone.

Store photos, music and more
Expandable Memory to Store More

The Galaxy Tab 3 offers 16GB of onboard memory and features a microSD card slot that allows you to add up to 64GB of additional memory (microSD card sold separately), making it easy to store songs, videos, photos, and other files.

This tablet also comes with 50GB worth of free Dropbox storage for two years. This enables storage of all files that are accessible directly on your mobile and anywhere else there is an internet connection.

Enjoy E-Books and Magazines

Using the Galaxy Tab 3, you can curl up and read a good e-book or browse through your favorite digital magazine using reading apps such as Kindle and Google Play Books, all available through the Google Play store.

Universal TV remote control
Universal Remote Control for Your TV

Thanks to a built-in IR blaster — the same kind found in standard television remote controls — the Galaxy Tab 3 can be used as a universal remote to operate nearly any TV or DVR. Samsung’s WatchON app offers advanced features, including the ability to share content wirelessly between the tablet and TV, and interacts seamlessly with Samsung Smart TVs.

Find apps at Google Play
Apps, Movies, and Music at Google Play

Find popular apps such as Skype, Pinterest, and Facebook and discover movies, TV shows, music, books, games, and more at the Google Play store. Because Google Play functions in the cloud, all your content is available automatically on all your Android devices. For instance, you can buy a movie on your phone, stream it on your computer, and pause it and finish watching it later on your tablet (10.1-inch shown).

Samsung Exynos processor
Samsung Exynos processor for Fast Performance

This thin, lightweight Android tablet comes preloaded with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and is powered by a 1.5 GHz Samsung Exynos processor and offers up to 11 hours of battery life on one charge, making it easy to browse the web, download apps, check email, and enjoy social networking from wherever you are.

Front and rear cameras
Front and Rear Cameras for Photos and Video Chats

A 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera makes it easy to use the Galaxy Tab 3 to conduct video chats with friends and family members, while a 5-megapixel rear-facing autofocus camera allows you to capture those special moments and upload them instantly to your favorite social network (10.1-inch shown).

Use two apps at the same time
Use Two Apps at the Same Time

The Multi Window feature makes the most of your Galaxy Tab 3’s 8-inch screen by allowing you to use two apps at the same time, side by side. With Multi Window, you can drag and drop images between apps, browse a restaurant menu while scheduling a dinner party, or watch a YouTube video as you’re chatting on Facebook.

Now £164 Only, buy it at hereimages

Valentine’s Day Gift – iLuv iMM173 “His n’ Hers” Alarm Clock With Double Play iPhone Docking Station


This is for him and her

 iLuv iMM173 “His n’ Hers” Alarm Clock With Double Play iPhone Docking Station

Sale price: £47.98, buy it here

Advanced user-interface with jumbo LCD

Works with iPhone

Powerful 5w x 2 output sound with jAura soundcell technology

Daylight saving time switch

Treble / Bass control

10 step dimmer control

Two iPod docks let you charge up to two iPods* and/or iPhones

Enjoy rich sound from your iPhone / iPod with jAura acoustic speaker technology

Choose and play any one of two docked iPhone iPod **

Play and charge your iPhone / iPod

Intergrated universal dock for your iPhone / iPod

Digital clack display with dual alarm clock

Easy to adjust DST ( Daylight Saving Time) with a sample switch

Wake to your iPhone / iPod, FM radio or buzzer

Sleep to iPhone / iPod, FM Radio

FM Stereo

PLL tuning digital tuning technology

8 Programmable presets

Magnetic Pad to hold your remote control

Sale price: £47.98, get it now!

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