HP TouchPad 9.7 inch Tablet PC (32GB, Glossy Black) – UK Version

was £479.99  NOW: £280

Rocks Like Nothing Else

The new HP TouchPad is designed to work like you. Letting you connect, play, surf and share more easily.1 No barriers. No complications. Just a seamless flow from one thing to the next. TouchPad. There’s nothing like it.

Works like nothing else

Work with Microsoft Office files and collaborate with colleagues using Google Docs or Box.net.1

Print wirelessly to compatible networked HP printers.10

Use Microsoft Exchange mail with Microsoft Direct Push Technology; POP3/IMAP (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc) Integrated IM and SMS.

Browse the full web at blazing speed with support for the latest web technologies, including Adobe Flash.1,6

Plays like nothing else

Download films and TV shows, play games, view photos and read magazines.9

Listen to music the way the artist intended, with Beats Audio – amazing sound quality, only from HP.9

Access thousands of books from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Better Together

Things that work together, work better. Connect and share across devices.1 HP TouchPad is part of a growing family of webOS devices designed to keep you better connected.

Share a website from your HP Pre3 with TouchPad simply by touching the devices together.5 And vice versa—start reading a blog on TouchPad, then grab your smartphone and take it to go.

Receive text messages and answer phone calls on your TouchPad so you don’t miss a thing.3,4 Even print right from where you’re standing.10 We’re building more connected devices so you can have a more connected experience.

Works the way you do

People work on more than one thing at a time. That is why we have designed WebOS to handle all the things you want to do, all at once. TouchPad gives you a simple, natural way to move from one thing to the next and enables you to have related activities automatically grouped together into card stacks.

In sync with your life

Get your contacts, calendars, messages, photos and email automatically synced from sources like Facebook, Google and Microsoft Exchange.7 Sign into your Facebook, Google and Microsoft Exchange accounts and information populates the device like magic.

Keep multiple emails open at once. View work and personal messages together or separately.7 Scroll through your inbox in one pane while working on an email in another.1

Facebook friends’ birthdays show up in your contacts; Work and personal calendars appear side by side; IM and text messages are combined in a single conversation.12 Everything organised in single views so you only need to go to one place to find what you want.

See your photos from places like Facebook, Snapfish and Photobucket all in one place, complete with friends’ comments.1

Receive notifications, not disruptions

Receive a snapshot of new messages, email and events without being disrupted.1 You see the subject of an email or the first few words of a text message. Simply touch the notification on your tablet, and go right to the app to read and reply. Act on what’s important—ignore what’s not.

Just Type. No thinking required

Start an email, create a message, update your status, search the web – all without having to launch an app.1 Whenever you want to do something on TouchPad simply start typing. Think about what you want to do, not how you have to do it.

Deskjet 2050

Charges like nothing else

Recharging, reinvented. HP Touchstone. Place your TouchPad on the dock and it charges automatically, without wires getting in the way. Adjust the viewing angle to multiple positions, and enjoy watching your videos, reading books, and more whilst your device is charging in either portrait or landscape position. Launch your Facebook photos, today’s agenda or other content you choose using Exhibition Mode.11,12

Shares like nothing else

Move information between devices like magic. Instantly share a website with your HP Pre3 simply by touching the two together.5 Or transfer one from your phone to your tablet and continue reading on a larger screen. HP webOS devices are designed to work even better together, giving you a better experience on both.

Talks like nothing else

Be there, video calling. Have a face-to-face conversation on a large, vibrant screen.8

Deskjet 2050

Apps at your fingertips

There are already thousands of great apps for HP webOS, and we’re adding tons of features for app developers to help bring you more amazing experiences. Enjoy apps for social networking, health and fitness, productivity, finance, 3D games–you name it. And the redesigned App Catalog makes it even easier to find the hottest apps out there.

Interested in buying a case for HP touchpad, see here.

1. Within wireless coverage area only. Actual speeds may vary. Email, mobile number and related information required for setup and activation. Required data services sold separately; unlimited plan recommended and may be required. Not all web content may be available.
2. Performance varies based upon actual usage.
3. Voice service requires separately purchased service contract. Availability may vary by carrier.
4. Within wireless coverage area only. SMS requires data services at additional cost.
5. Requires HP TouchPad with webOS 3.0 and Pre3 or Veer with webOS 2.2 or higher, both products having the same HP webOS Account. Viewing URL web page content requires data connection via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Within wireless coverage area only.
6. Supports a beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1.
7. Within wireless coverage area only. Microsoft Exchange email, contacts and calendars available for ActiveSync only; requires Microsoft Outlook using Exchange Server 2003 with SP2, Exchange Server 2007 or Exchange Server 2010.
8. Check with carrier for video calling availability and restrictions.
9. Third-party software available separately. Within wireless coverage area only. Requires data services at additional cost. Not all apps available on all devices.
10. The webOS print solution will support all network-capable HP printers that support PCL page description language in the local LAN. These printers include new HP ePrint-capable printers—Photosmart, Officejet and LaserJet—as well as legacy printers approximately 5 years old or newer. ePrint requires an Internet connection to the printer. Feature works with any Internet- and email-capable device and will require a firmware upgrade. Print times may vary. For a list of supported documents and image types, see www.hp.com/go/ePrintCenter.
11. HP Touchstone sold separately.
12. Displayed preferences require user setup.