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Guide for buying a netbook

Netbooks are extremely popular because they are light, inexpensive, and can last a full work day on a charge. But finding the right one can be a challenge, because they share such similar specs. Watch the following video which is from Laptop magzine and learn how to pick the right How to choose Netbook for your needs.

How to choose netbook

Difference between laptop and netbook?

So what is the difference between laptop and netbook? A laptop (also notebook) is a computer, portable was developed with a hinged screen on a keyboard. A laptop with a battery and a laptop touch pad instead of a mouse for input.

Mini laptops (also called netbook, ultra portable or ultraportable) to take these ideas further, a new market in handhelds, smartphones and personalPDAs. The main feature of this smaller size and weight, which are on average quite similar, the agenda for, and at lower cost than a standard laptop with prices starting at about £ 150, an excellent solution if the credit crunch!

Mini-laptops are not as powerful as larger laptops and not the power for large, complex programs and an optical drive – not a CD or DVD. However, the connection to central Netbooks. Internet downloads are fast catching on hard media products, maybe not such a loss.

Short difference between laptop and netbook is a netbook is smaller, lighter, cheaper (in general) and easier.

New Mini-notebooks are expected to sell in the region of 5.2 million units by the end of 2008, 8 million in 2009 and up to 50 million in 2012 – a period of ten times growth. Industry analysts are torn sub-notebooks or not cannibalize theNotebook market, with some suggesting that the% market share and is only 10 but in this economic downturn, people will always look cheaper products and mini-notebooks from £ 150-200, maybe there is a large market left.

So the game is over for the standard laptop and PC? Unlikely, mini-laptops, everything can perform dozens of tasks at the same or similar standard for large computers, they (so far) limited by the size of the battery,Computing power and storage space, the difference between laptop and netbook is outdated pronounced enough to be the old one.

Additionally, if you have a computer for an extended period, it is useful to PC use a bigger screen and faster processor with a spare laptop or desktop, especially for complex programs like games.

Finally, similarly priced, but the laptops of varying quality are available for around 200-300has some analysts believe that the focus on consumers is not only the size and weight.

At the other end of the spectrum, mobile phone manufacturers and suppliers are tapping the mobile market with the NC10 Netbook by Samsung, LG X110 and Carphone Warehouse launch of the Web book – a laptop brand made by Elonex. Vodafone has arms offers on Dell with its Inspiron Mini 9, the 3G mobile broadband contracts. Orange have kept pace with,buddy-buddy with Asus and the Eee PC 901

The difference between notebooks and netbooks may sound vague, but it is certainly room for both to work. If you have a laptop even reading this one to raise. Feel the weight on it. Ask yourself, do I need all that extra room? Would I be better off with something smaller and lighter – if you use the answers yes, the Web site.

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